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Existence of quasigeodesic Anosov flows in hyperbolic 3-manifolds

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Resumen: A quasigeodesic in a manifold is a curve so that when lifted to the universal cover is uniformly efficient up to a bounded multiplicative and added error in measuring length. A flow is quasigeodesic if all flow lines are  quasigeodesics. We prove that an Anosov flow in a closed hyperbolic manifold is quasigeodesic if and only if it is not R-covered. Here R-covered means that the stable 2-dim foliation of the flow, lifts to a foliation in the universal cover whose leaf space is homeomorphic to the real numbers. There are many examples of quasigeodesic Anosov flows in closed hyperbolic 3-manifolds. There are consequences for the continuous extension property of Anosov foliations, and the existence of group invariant Peano curves associated with Anosov flows.

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